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Pdc drill bit

basic information
Product description

Our PDC bit is made of high quality steel and the blade surface is welded with high performance wear-resistant material.Moreover, the PDC bit with different structure has composite pieces in different positions, which effectively improves the bit's aggressiveness and anti-abrasive property and greatly improves the drilling speed.Moreover, the fluid dynamics analysis technology and numerical simulation analysis technology are applied to the hydraulic fluid flow design, which is beneficial to the improvement of bit chip discharge speed and mud bailing ability.


Item PDC drill bit
PDC bit body Steel/Matrix body
PDC Bit Common Size 5 1/2'', 6’’,7 1/2’’, 8 1/2’’, 9 7/8’’, 12 1/4’’ ,17 1/2’’
Bit Connection API Reg
Bit blades quantity 4-8 blades
Cutter size 13mm,16mm19mm
Nozzle Q'ty 3NZ-10NZ
Application Horizontal directional drilling(HDD), construction, water well drilling, mining

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